Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome To Dirty Bird Diary!

I've been involved in the sport now loosely referred to as obstacle racing since my first of several Camp Pendleton Mud Runs back in 2000.  I'll get into the evolution of my involvement in the sport later, but the Reader's Digest version is I moved back home to the East Coast after leaving active duty and I didn't hit the mud again until 2010. Now I pretty much hit an event a month. I've completed dozens of these events and I feel I owe it to myself to write about them to help preserve my memories of the experience and also to share my perspective with others.  The OCR community is now flooded with events, some of which are outstanding and some of which are nothing more than attempts to cash in on the craze without providing the goods.  If an event is worthwhile I want to spread the word so they thrive and survive. Conversely if they are the latter I want to save my fellow mud runners  from getting screwed like I did and dropping big bucks on mudless mud runs with “obstacles” like “Do ten pushups," or from signing up for an event based on awesome websites and social media ads that promise the world only to drastically under deliver on race day.  I am not on anybody’s payroll so I have no motivation for doing this other than a love of the proverbial game. 

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